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Alternative Approaches to Grading

Consider different approaches to grading and how they can affect the classroom atmosphere and more!

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Alternative Approaches to Grading
Educator prep: High
Student prep: None
Synchronousor Asynchronous
No tech needed
Duration: Variable

Activity purpose

Consider different approaches to grading and how they can affect the classroom atmosphere and more!

Useful for

Giving students agency over their learning and removing competition among students and the stress of grades on students and teachers.


Lots. Think carefully about what your underlying values are and how you can make them work within your institutional constraints; think about how much you can involve students in the process and have those conversations with them.


Watch the video above for practical tips, or check out the resources for several different alternative approaches. Arley Cruthers’ infographics are a good visual introduction; the podcast with Jesse Stommel, Asao Inoue and Maha Bali is a good auditory intro; and the blogposts by Jesse Stommel, Alfie Kohn and Munir Fasheh are a good starting point. If you’re up for a longer read, we suggest Asao Inoue’s books and the edited volume by Susan D. Blum. 


Variable depending how you plan to implement it.

Adaptations and examples

You can do it for an entire course, or parts of a course.

Technical requirements


Useful resources

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