Dawn Stahura

Teaching with Zines
Salem State University, USA

Dawn Stahura works as a Research and Instruction Librarian for the Sciences and Healthcare Sciences as well as the Zine Librarian at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts, USA. Dawn has worked in higher education since 2009 as an instructor, course designer, curriculum planner, and adjunct faculty in the School of Library and Information Sciences and PLAN at Simmons University. She teaches courses on misinformation, zines as scholarship, critical information literacy, critical creativity, and research processes. Dawn created an evaluation method called ACT UP in 2017 to help faculty evaluate information through a social justice lens. Dawn is heavily involved in the zine community publishing her own zines, teaching workshops, giving presentations, and lectures on the power of zines and personal narratives. She’s currently publishing a book on different ways to bring critical creativity and empathy into the classroom. Her research and teaching interests involve critical creativity, zines as scholarship, art as healing, holistic teaching, critical information literacy, open pedagogy, and participatory literacy. 

Stahura, D. (2018). ACT UP for evaluating sources: Pushing against privilege. College & Research Libraries News, 79(10), 551.

Stahura, D. (forthcoming). There is no ‘I’ in research but there is in zines. In Nina Clements (Ed.), Art at the Intersection of Librarianship and Social Justice. Sacramento: Library Juice Press.

Develop your teaching with Dawn Stahura
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Introduction to Teaching with Zines
by Dawn Stahura

In this course, you will learn how zines can be an effective way for students to become invested in their topics and passionate about doing research. Zines are one way in which students can really see and hear themselves in their research by combining scholarship with personal narratives.