Better teaching
is our passion,
working together is our ethos

OneHE’s vision is a world in which higher education delivers the best possible student outcomes for the benefit of society and the economy through better teaching.

Our mission is to build a global community of educators focused on better teaching to support the sharing and application of innovative and excellent practice.

We believe that better teaching in higher education can be achieved by building a connected, informed, questioning and caring global community of educators.

This is why OneHE exists.

We work with all educators in all roles, in and across subject areas.

We support new educators to discover what works for them, experienced educators to develop their practice, and innovators to develop their work and spread its value to achieve lasting impact. 

We value giving back – providing funding for ideas, free space to networks and events, and encouraging ways in which educators can support each other.

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OneHE partner, the Center for Higher Education Leadership (CHEL), is providing members with free access to their new online course on HE leadership.

Become an international peer reviewer

OneHE partner, Peer Review Portal, is welcoming OneHE members as peer reviewers for their global benchmarking projects.

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