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Teaching in higher education is one of the world’s most important professions. It’s also one of the most demanding. And while support exists, it isn’t always available when and how you need it.

We believe there’s a better way to support you – one that is practical, immediate and helps you connect with and learn from global experts and like-minded educators.

Developed with the practical everyday needs of educators in mind and informed by experts, OneHE makes microlearning courses and activities that showcase high impact practices and how to apply them in your teaching.

Available whenever you need it within a safe and supportive learning community, each short course or activity is designed to help you make small changes in your practice that will have a lasting impact on your students’ learning.

With OneHE you can now develop your practice when it suits you, dip into our quick tips, connect and exchange ideas and join discussions with fellow educators across the world.

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Community building activities from Equity Unbound

Equity Unbound Activity
15% solutions
Discover and focus on what each person has the freedom and resources to do now.
Maha Bali, Jasmina Najjar
Equity Unbound Activity
9 Whys of Liberating Structures
Rapidly clarify for individuals and a group what is essentially important in their work.
Michael Weinraub
Equity Unbound resource
About Video Conferencing
Addressing many of the questions you might have about video conferencing.
Equity Unbound Activity
Alternative Approaches to Grading
Consider different approaches to grading and how they can affect the classroom atmosphere and more!
Maha Bali, Mia Zamora, Jasmina Najjar, Laura Gibbs, Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh, Arley Cruthers
Equity Unbound Activity
Annotate the Syllabus
Annotating the syllabus helps learners to read, make sense of, question, and discuss their learning.
Remi Kalir
Equity Unbound Activity
Appreciative Interviews
To invite students to use their bodies to represent, collaboratively, an image of something that is worth discussing.
Maha Bali, Autumm Caines, Mia Zamora

OneHE is proud to be working with a growing number of experts from across the world. 

We work with global partners who share our vision, values and dedication to realising lasting change.

National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) is a US non-profit membership association. Founded in 1971, its mission is to cultivate and empower educators to use experiential education as an integral part of personal, professional, civic and global learning and the promotion of common good.

GlobalMindED (USA) is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Carol Carter to drive increased diversity and close the equity gap for first-generation to college and job seekers.

Academics Without Borders (AWB, Canada) helps developing countries improve their universities so they can train their own experts and conduct research to assist their countries’ development. OneHE members can volunteer for projects with AWB.

Peer Review Portal (PRP, Australia) is a cloud-based review management system set up to support higher education institutions in all types of peer review. OneHE members can join international projects to benchmark practice or earn income as a peer reviewer.

The Center for Higher Education Leadership (CHEL, USA) provides academic leaders with information and a supportive community for improving management and leadership skills. OneHE members can access CHEL’s latest online training programme for free.

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