Jasmina Najjar

American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Raised in London, Jasmina Najjar moved to Lebanon and graduated with high distinction from AUB in 2000 (BA in English Literature). She went back to the UK to pursue her MA in Literature, Culture and Modernity at Queen Mary, University of London. Her thesis was on fragmented Lebanese identity in the translated works of Rashid Al Daif (it was published as a book in April 2011).

In Fall 2008-2009, Jasmina Najjar joined AUB as a full-timer. Since then, she has been focusing her energies on teaching English communication skills, ever eager to share her real-life writing skills and techniques with her students. One of the first to teach courses in blended format at AUB, she has an avid interest in technology, social media, and digital pedagogy. Her work on gamification in higher education attracted the attention of the press.

Jasmina Najjar is also the author of Beirut Knights and is a contributor to print and online publications. Passionate about film, she was a jury member for the second Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide Awards, represented Lebanon on the Critics without Borders panel at the fifth Malmo Arab Film Festival, and is the co-founder of Movie Sharks.