Ongoing engagement

Room 101

Sharpen logical reasoning and debating skills. Create discussion.

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Room 101
Educator prep: Minimal
Student prep: Minimal
Breakout rooms
Duration: 30+ mins

Activity purpose

The activity is designed to sharpen logical reasoning and debating skills, and create discussion.

Useful for

Sharpening argumentation. Generating discussion and debate. Encourage collaboration. Improving listening and speaking skills.


Divide students into teams of 2, 3, or 4.

Share the activity and rules ahead of class time so students can brainstorm and prepare.

Select whether you wish to use Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, or other software.


Room 101 is featured in George Orwell’s novel 1984. It is where ‘Big Brother’ banishes anything seen as destructive or contradictory to society.

What will your team argue should be banished to Room 101? The debate is on.


This synchronous activity usually takes up an entire 50 minute class session but this depends on the class size and also on the number of teams.

Adaptations and examples

Ask students to make sure they structure their arguments based on Toulmin's model (clear claim, grounds/evidence, warrant, backing, qualifiers, and rebuttal).

Instead of keeping things open, ask students to select something to banish that’s specific to the course.

Can be done asynchronously using a discussion forum or Google Doc. Not as fun though!

Technical requirements

Breakout rooms.

Useful resources


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