Michelle Cavaleri

Technology-mediated feedback
Education Centre of Australia

Dr Michelle Cavaleri is an Associate Professor and Dean (Academic) at the Education Centre of Australia. With expertise in student support, course design, and staff development, Michelle works with faculty to enhance the student experience and improve learning outcomes. Michelle has a background in languages, linguistics and TESOL, and she has taught postgraduate teaching courses and worked in academic learning support roles. Michelle’s teaching experience ignited her interest in feedback and academic writing development, which led to her PhD research examining technology-mediated feedback. Michelle has presented her research at a number of international conferences and has been invited to facilitate faculty development sessions at Australian universities.

Develop your teaching with Michelle Cavaleri
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Engaging Students Through Screen-Capture Video Feedback
by Michelle Cavaleri

This course explores the use of screen-capture video feedback and how it can be used to enhance students’ understanding of, and engagement with, feedback.

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Using Screen Capture to Give Feedback
by Michelle Cavaleri
This page contains the proceedings of the Show and Share webinar led by Michelle Cavaleri. Michelle explored the research evidence and practical strategies for integrating screen-capture video feedback into your teaching toolbox to enhance students’ understanding and engagement.
Webinar recording