Mia Zamora

Kean University, USA

Mia Zamora, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of English, the Director of the MA in Writing Studies and the Director of the Kean University Writing Project in Union, NJ, USA. She has recently received the Kean University ‘Professor of the Year’ Award. Dr. Zamora’s commitment to equity, digital literacies, data rights, and intercultural understanding is clear in both her scholarship and leadership work. She has founded several global learning networks including Equity Unbound (#unboundeq) and Networked Narratives (#netnarr), and was Co-Chair of ALT’s #OER20 conference on ‘Care in Openness’.

Develop your teaching with Mia Zamora
Online Facilitation Refresher
Online Facilitation Refresher
by Flower Darby, Leigh Graves Wolf, Michelle Pacansky-Brock, Virna Rossi, Maha Bali, Autumm Caines, Mia Zamora
Getting back into the swing of online facilitation? This learning path takes you through the top tips, tools and advice offered by OneHE experts over the last year.
Learning path
Daily Creates
by Mia Zamora
Provides a space for regular practice of spontaneous creativity through mini challenges published every day.
thick greetings
Thick Greetings
by Maha Bali, Mia Zamora, Autumm Caines, Laura Gibbs, Rebecca J. Hogue
Try out a slower and more deliberate opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves.
Equity Unbound map
Community Building
by Maha Bali, Mia Zamora, Autumm Caines
Equity Unbound present strategies for creating communities built on principles of equity and care that produce learning spaces in which all students can flourish.
Learning path
spiral journal
Spiral Journal
by Maha Bali, Mia Zamora
Promote focus and reflection while allowing individuals to compose responses thoughtfully and calmly in writing.
Alternative Approaches
Alternative Approaches to Grading
by Maha Bali, Mia Zamora, Jasmina Najjar, Laura Gibbs, Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh, Arley Cruthers
Consider different approaches to grading and how they can affect the classroom atmosphere and more!
four ideas
Four Ideas for Checking In
by Maha Bali, Mia Zamora
Particularly important during a pandemic, but this is a good way to start any class.
Asynchronous & Synchronous Introductions
by Mia Zamora, Maha Bali
For students to share multiple dimensions of themselves, synchronously or asynchronously.
appreciative interviews
Appreciative Interviews
by Maha Bali, Autumm Caines, Mia Zamora
This activity will help students prepare for working in groups by discovering and building on the roots of their successes.
studio visits
Studio visits
by Mia Zamora
Bring in external speakers into your classroom via a virtual studio visit, an informal discussion with one or two external guests.