Tricia Bertram Gallant

Tricia Bertram Gallant

Academic Integrity
The University of California, San Diego, USA

Tricia Bertram Gallant, PhD is the Academic Integrity Director at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), USA, Board Emeritus of the International Center for Academic Integrity, and former lecturer for both UCSD and the University of San Diego. Tricia has authored, co-authored, or edited numerous articles, book chapters/sections, and books on academic integrity, and consulted with and trained faculty at colleges and universities around the world. Her most recent publications include Cheating Academic Integrity: Lessons from 30 Years of Research (Jossey-Bass, 2022) and a special issue of the Journal of College and Character (February, 2022). Faculty might be particularly interested in reading her earlier works such as Academic Integrity in the Twenty-First Century: A Teaching and Learning Imperative (Jossey-Bass, 2008) and Academic Integrity as a Teaching and Learning Issue: From Theory to Practice (Theory into Practice, 2017). You can connect with Tricia at @tbertramgallant on Twitter and on LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

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Deliberate Dialogue: Discussing Academic Integrity in the Classroom
by Niya Bond, Tricia Bertram Gallant
In this video, Tricia Bertram Gallant and Niya Bond discuss what academic integrity is, and how to initiate a conversation with students to promote a positive learning environment.
Video discussion
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GenAI – Dos and Don’ts for Academic Integrity
by Niya Bond, Tricia Bertram Gallant
In this video, Tricia Bertram Gallant shares three tips on how to go about GenAI and academic integrity in your classroom.
Academic Integrity In The Virtual World
Academic Integrity In The Hybrid World
by Tricia Bertram Gallant

In this course you will learn about strategies to improve academic integrity and reduce cheating in your classroom.