Virna Rossi

Inclusive learning design
Ravensbourne University, UK

Virna is a passionate teacher, with over 20 years teaching experience in all educational settings: Primary, Secondary, College (FE), Adult Education, Higher Education. Her primary specialism is Languages: English, Italian and French. However, after completing the Master of Teaching (MTeach) in 2007 at the Institute of Education (IoE), now part of University College London (UCL), UK, Virna realised that teacher education was her ‘call’ and she became an educational developer. Since 2016 Virna has been the Course Leader of the Post Graduate Certificate in Creative Courses at Ravensbourne University, London, UK.

Virna is interested in all things education. Particularly, her interests are in inclusivity: inclusive learning design, inclusive assessment as learning, and feedback for learning. She is currently co-creating a book on inclusive learning design with over 70 contributors from all the continents. Virna’s motto is ‘learn to thrive’. Learn more about Virna’s work at and connect with her on Twitter @VirnaRossi.