Lyse Edwards

National Health Service, UK

Lyse Edwards is a senior operational manager in the UK NHS. She is passionate about improving services so they are good enough for her family and believes this can only be done by engaging and listening to both the people who receive and deliver the care. She has an academic training and foundation in psychology, sociology and research methods, including participatory research, followed by 20 years experience of service improvement and operational management and leadership in a range of health and care environments. She has worked in acute hospitals, community NHS providers and the independent sector and has led services delivering both physical and mental health and social care. She has worked across adults and children’s services and has a range of knowledge and networks across this sector that she brings to her work.

Lyse has been using Liberating Structures (LS) in her practice since she discovered them by ‘accident’ in 2018 and now considers them the way she does most things, particularly where she has the freedom and discretion to act! She has seen, first hand, the impact they can have and the viral spread with those who come into contact with them. She can bring examples of how LS can be applied in the field to produce amazing results. She participates in a number of LS communities of practice and runs a user group within her organisation.

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Tiny Demons / Drawing Monsters
by Lyse Edwards
Help students express and face their fears in a way that can help reduce stress and anxiety.