Nadine Aboulmagd

America University in Cairo, Egypt

Nadine is a Senior Instructional Designer at the Center for Learning and Teaching and an instructor at the Graduate School of Education, at the American University in Cairo. She has an MA in Educational Leadership with a concentration in higher education and online learning. She is the MENA Lead Buddy for Virtually Connecting. As a lifelong learner and educator, she considers herself a critical digital pedagogue and is passionate about online and blended learning, ed tech, open education, learning experience design, productivity science, meditation and coffee.

Develop your teaching with Nadine Aboulmagd
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by Nadine Aboulmagd
Meditation provides an opportunity for students to relax before or after teaching.
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Gratitude Journal
by Maha Bali, Nadine Aboulmagd, Hoda Mostafa, Azza Awwad
Support students' wellbeing by suggesting a daily or periodic practice of gratitude, promote radical self-compassion.