Tina Pippin

Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia (USA)

Tina Pippin is the Wallace M. Alston Professor of Bible and Religion at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia (USA). She is the author of Apocalyptic Bodies: The End of the World in Text and Image (Routledge) and a co-author of The Postmodern Bible (Yale) and a coeditor of The Postmodern Bible Reader (Blackwell). A few years ago she started a radical pedagogy podcast, Nothing Never Happens, and now co-hosts it with Lucia Hulsether: https://nothingneverhappens.org/.

Develop your teaching with Tina Pippin
Theatre of the oppressed
Theatre of the Oppressed: Image Theatre
by Maha Bali, Alex Fink, Tina Pippin, Sarita Shukla
To invite students to use their bodies to represent, collaboratively, an image of something that is worth discussing.
Theater of the Oppressed: Opposites
by Tina Pippin
Warming up before class or after a break in a longer class. Encouraging use of the body, refreshes students' bodies and minds.