Christina Moore

Mobile learning
Oakland University, USA

Christina Moore, Ph.D. is the Associate Director at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Oakland University in southeast Michigan, USA. Prior to her current role, Christina was a special lecturer of writing and rhetoric. While she is generally tech-reserved and limits screen time, she studies how to mindfully use technology to increase learning access. Her book Mobile-Mindful Teaching and Learning: Harnessing the Technology Students Use Most will be available in early 2023. Her work in online learning, universal design for learning, and educational development has been published in Tech Trends, EDUCAUSE, Faculty Focus, and other journals and books. She is the editor and a regular contributor to her center’s Weekly Teaching Tips Series. She enjoys feeding people and taking excursions into sci-fi.

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Peer Review in the Classroom: How to Frame Your Feedback
by Christina Moore
This activity explains how to effectively use peer review in class to increase collaboration and self-reflection among students.
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3 Ways To Provide Effective Feedback To Students
by Christina Moore
In this video Dr Christina Moore from Oakland University, USA shares her tips about using effective feedback strategies to empower learners and increase their engagement.
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