Ongoing engagement


Use this activity to help students to reflect on what's working for them and how to identify actions that can be taken to make improvements.
Educator prep: None
Student prep: None
Synchronous or Asynchronous
Shared online space, Polling tool, Cameras off option
Duration: 5-30 mins

Activity purpose

Encourage students to look at what’s working and what can be changed in a constructive manner that can lead to action.

Useful for

Can be used for student self-reflection on their own practices OR for reflecting on the course OR for giving peer feedback.




Choose a prompt such as:

  • At the beginning or middle of the semester: What would you continue, start, stop doing this semester in order to be successful in your courses?
  • In the middle of the semester: What should I (the teacher) continue, start, and stop doing this semester in order to make this course a good learning experience for you?
  • After learning about something related to course content (e.g. about how to improve digital security, or about bias/othering), encourage student reflection on their own practices beyond theory: what would you stop, start and continue doing in your own life/profession after learning this?


This can be done in 5 or 10 minutes during class, or as a longer reflective assignment. It can be done individually at first and then in small groups.

Technical requirements

Google docs or slides or forms helpful.

Useful resources


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