Setting the tone activities

Ways to let students know you care, early on and throughout the semester

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Equity Unbound resource
About Video Conferencing
Addressing many of the questions you might have about video conferencing.
Maha Bali, Autumm Caines
Equity Unbound Activity
Alternative Approaches to Grading
Consider different approaches to grading and how they can affect the classroom atmosphere and more!
Maha Bali, Mia Zamora, Jasmina Najjar, Laura Gibbs, Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh, Arley Cruthers
Equity Unbound Activity
Authentic Open Letter/Video Addressing Students
Setting a human-centred tone to your class from the beginning of the semester.
Equity Unbound Activity
Gratitude Journal
Support students' wellbeing by suggesting a daily or periodic practice of gratitude, promote radical self-compassion.
Maha Bali, Nadine Aboulmagd, Hoda Mostafa, Azza Awwad
I Wish My Students/Teacher Knew
This activity helps to promote positive student-teacher connections.
Amena Magdy
Equity Unbound Activity
Meditation provides an opportunity for students to relax before or after teaching.
Nadine Aboulmagd
Equity Unbound Activity
Purpose to Practice
Use the Purpose to Practice structure with students to co-develop community guidelines for the class.
Maha Bali
Equity Unbound Activity
Survey students early in the semester: Pre-Course Survey
Use a pre-course survey to get to know your students early on in the semester.
Maha Bali
Equity Unbound Activity
Teaching Ethics with Theatre of the Oppressed and Liberating Structures
Engage everyone in making sense of profound challenges. Use to address difficult or confusing topics.
Maha Bali
Equity Unbound Activity
Third Places for Ongoing Community Building
Creating semi-formal, semi-synchronous spaces outside of class time for students to socialize with each other.
Maha Bali
Equity Unbound Activity
Trauma-Informed Pedagogy & How is Your Heart?
How to help students thrive in class in times of trauma.
Mays Imad

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