OneHE helps educators to develop their teaching practice by providing practical and engaging microlearning on effective teaching in a safe and supportive online community. Each piece of microlearning is designed to help educators make small changes in their teaching practice that they can act on straight away and that will have an impact on student success. The online platform also provides access to a global network of experts and educators, enabling members to connect, collaborate, and share innovative teaching and learning practices. Available on demand 24/7, the support available through OneHE is designed to complement and enhance an institution’s existing professional development opportunities.

OneHE microlearning is practical and engaging, bitesize continuous professional development that can be completed in roughly 20 minutes or less. Each course or resource is developed by an acknowledged expert in their field to provide educators with the essential information and guidance they need to apply a concept or practice immediately, to improve student outcomes. To allow for extended learning, courses and resources are linked together into Learning Paths. Learning Paths can have a thematic focus such as universal design for learning (UDL), be centred on an approach such as facilitating online learning, or OneHE can create bespoke learning paths for institutions.

New content is added each week to the OneHE platform.

Courses are structured in a consistent way to provide familiarity and reduce cognitive load. Each course answers important questions that create the environment for change and the adoption of new practice: what is this practice and how does it help students?; how can the practice be applied?; what is the evidence base for this practice? Each step in a course encourages reflection and sharing the experience of applying the lessons in an educator’s practice that supports peer learning.

Digital badges are awarded for course completion and impact badges will be introduced in early 2022. For members with a US Badgr account, credentials can be synced to their backpack and shared publicly.

A list of current courses can be found here. New content is added weekly, so there is always something new to engage with. In line with OneHE’s commitment to giving back, we source, curate, and develop open education resources that are freely available to all.

Each course or resource is developed with an acknowledged expert in their field with reference to the research literature. It is then reviewed by internal and independent external experts to ensure that the content is evidence based and practical in its application.

We are always delighted to hear from experts who want to share their passion and expertise with other educators. Click here to register your interest. From there, you can arrange a follow up meeting to discuss with us your idea, area of interest and how we can work together.

We also want to champion and recognise emerging talent within institutions by showcasing their work to a global audience in OneHE.

OneHE has developed a skill tree that provides the background architecture to the key areas that an educator should have knowledge of to teach effectively. The skills tree has been mapped against national teaching frameworks from across the globe and the priority of content is reviewed regularly with external expert input.

Digital badges are awarded for completing courses, learning paths and for making contributions to the community.
As members, educators earn a digital badge for each course completion, with the credential appearing in their profile. For members with a US Badgr account, credentials can be synced to their backpack and shared publicly.

OneHE is a safe and supportive online community that has many features to facilitate social learning. In addition to the learning management system that delivers courses and resources, we have a teaching and learning glossary that explains common terms and signposts to the latest related research; a community group that keeps all members informed of developments in teaching and learning and on the platform; public and private community groups that facilitate discussion and sharing of practice; and a searchable directory of members. New features for early 2022, include a new members community wall to support member engagement.

Ongoing platform developments are informed by member feedback and suggestions.

Yes, the OneHE app is available to download via App Store and Play store.

OneHE was established to provide flexible, affordable faculty development at scale. Our membership fee makes all our courses and resources available to all faculty for one year at a price that all institutions can afford. Rather than rationing access to faculty development, our model is to make OneHE as widely available as possible within an institution so that all faculty benefit and to complement and enhance the targeted work of Centres of Teaching and Learning.

OneHE is available as an annual membership that provides access to all content for all your faculty. The fee is calculated on the number of faculty at your institution, with fee bands that ensure the smallest organisations can take advantage of OneHE. As a global organisation committed to equity, we offer discounts to organisations in low-and medium-income countries.

The OneHE membership fee entitles all faculty at your institution to have access to all OneHE courses, resources, and public community groups for a one-year period. Institutions can choose to have their own private community space and curated microlearning directory for an additional fee.

Once an institution has become a member of OneHE, faculty members can sign up with their institutional email address. Institutions can arrange a bespoke single sign on for an additional fee.

Yes. A discounted OneHE membership for individual members of AAC&U is available for $12.75 USD per month. This fee is significantly reduced when purchased by an institution.

The American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and OneHE have partnered to deliver sustainable faculty development available at scale. The partnership will enable AAC&U member colleges, universities, and systems to provide their educators with equitable access to professional development for enhancing teaching and learning, as well as to a global community of educators. AAC&U member organizations will receive a discount on the OneHE membership fee. Additionally, OneHE and AAC&U will seek input from members on the direction of the platform and will shortly begin developing microlearning that meets the needs and priorities of AAC&U member organizations.

AAC&U member organisations receive a 15% discount on the list price.

About our partnership

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OneHE and the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) partner to support institutions by providing scalable and affordable professional development for their educators.  

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Our partnership with OneHE is helping faculty across higher education innovate to deepen students’ engagement, learning, and success. At AAC&U, we understand that faculty development is critical to the success of our members, and we’re committed to continuing to deliver access to equitable, affordable, and scalable professional development.

Lynn Pasquerella

President, AAC&U

How we work together

OneHE discount for AAC&U members

OneHE and AAC&U partner to help ensure institutions can support all their educators in the development of their teaching practice for the benefits of their students. Through this partnership, AAC&U institutional and individual members receive a 15% discount on OneHE rates.

If you are an AAC&U member and would like to become an individual OneHE member, you can take advantage of the discount by using the code AACU15 at checkout (or click the ‘Start your 10-day free trial’ button below). 

For institutional membership, click the ‘Book a OneHE demo’ button and your AAC&U discount will be applied when a quotation is requested.

What members say about OneHE

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OneHE values CITLs as hubs to reach faculty, to work in partnership with them. We’e created local spaces so we can foster local collaborations and local conversations. Their conversations have been really remarkable!
Tim Henkel
Assistant Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning and Director CITL
University of South Florida
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Many [faculty] have reported using the trainings and activities in their classes and have thanked us for the opportunity to be in the platform.
Stephanie Ahlfeldt
Associate Provost
Concordia College
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What our faculty have said about OneHE, and what I appreciate too, is they can go in for a very short amount of time and engage for a few minutes… and they can leave with something they can take back.
Megan Eberhardt-Alstot
Learning Design Lead
California State University Channel Islands
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I describe [OneHE] as on demand professional development 2.0. There are other things that are available in the market but OneHE is really next generation in that the videos are so current [and] they allow for that interaction which is unique. So faculty as they move through the mini course are not only interacting with each other, but they’re actually interacting with the presenters and the experts in the field who will respond to their posts. I find that a really unique option within OneHE.
Mary Johannesen-Schmidt
Coordinator, Center for Teaching Innovation
Oakton College
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It provides both the research to support the practical changes you’re about to make, as well as practical tips, which I find to be the most useful.
Kemesha Gabbidon
Assistant Professor of Psychology
University of South Florida
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The feedback part of [OneHE] has been useful to me… I’ve gotten a number of interesting pedagogical suggestions over the time period and I’ve been able to implement those.
Carl Gabrini
Professor of Accounting
Dalton State College

Co-created courses and resources

As partners, OneHE and AAC&U collaborate to create microlearning resources to meet the needs of AAC&U members and the higher education sector 

Introduction To Bandwidth Recovery
Introduction To Bandwidth Recovery
With Cia Verschelden

Due to social phenomena like poverty, racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, xenophobia, and other 'differentisms', many students arrive at college with depleted cognitive capacity for learning. Teachers can use strategies in our classrooms to help them recover.

Bandwidth Stealers Belonging Uncertainty
Bandwidth Stealers and How to Recover: Belonging Uncertainty
With Cia Verschelden

When students are not sure they belong in a class or on campus, they may struggle to be academically successful. There are things we can do in our classrooms and other learning settings to nurture students' sense of belonging.

Adverse Childhood Experiences
Bandwidth Stealers and How to Recover: Adverse Childhood Experiences
With Cia Verschelden

The potential long-term effects of childhood trauma on adult health and well-being have been strongly documented in public health research. We can create learning environments that support students whose learning might be impaired by those negative effects.

Bandwidth Stealers Stereotype Threat
Bandwidth Stealers And How To Recover: Stereotype Threat and Identity Threat
With Cia Verschelden

When students are members of groups about whom there are negative stereotypes, performance can be depressed by worry about confirming those stereotypes. Learning spaces can be identity-safe or identity-threat environments, with resultant positive or deleterious effects on student learning.

Bandwidth Stealers Microaggressions
Bandwidth Stealers And How To Recover: Microaggressions And Ground Rules
With Cia Verschelden

Microaggressions are small, subtle insults, slights, and invalidations that eat away at self-confidence and make people feel unsure, unsafe, and constantly vigilant. All this uncertainty depletes bandwidth. We can create learning spaces where microaggressions are minimised and where everyone can learn.

Strategic Positioning, Budgeting, and Growth_ Lessons Learned from Successful Center Leaders
Strategic Positioning, Budgeting, and Growth: Lessons Learned from Successful Center Leaders 
With Chris Hakala, C. Edward Watson, Todd D. Zakrajsek, James M. Lang

Centers for Teaching and Learning (CTL) directors explore how they make best use of their budgets to deliver on those activities of most value to their faculty and institutions.

Leadership Course
How to Establish and Manage a Successful Center for Teaching and Learning
How to Establish and Manage a Successful Center for Teaching and Learning
With Chris Hakala, C. Edward Watson, Todd D. Zakrajsek, James M. Lang

CTL directors explain how to lay solid foundations for your center so you can create successful collaborations with faculty and senior stakeholders.

Leadership Course
Course feature image
Engaging Faculty: High-impact Practices for Supporting Your Target Learners
With Chris Hakala, C. Edward Watson, James M. Lang, Todd D. Zakrajsek

Discover effective ways to engage faculty and gain support from key influencers as center directors share success strategies in this resource on high-impact engagement practices.

Leadership Course
Course feature image
Claim Your Space: Demonstrating Value to Faculty and Institution
With Chris Hakala, C. Edward Watson, James M. Lang, Todd D. Zakrajsek

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) directors explore what contributed to the success of their centers, and the range of things that you can do to win over key supporters and influencers to your side. 

Leadership Course
An Introduction to the VALUE Rubrics An Authentic Approach to Assessment
Introduction to the VALUE Rubrics: An Authentic Approach to Assessment
With Jessica Chittum, Kate D. McConnell

Learn how the American Association of Colleges and Universities’s (AAC&U) VALUE rubrics can help you evaluate students’ performance reliably and verifiably across 16 cross-cutting learning outcomes that underpin liberal education.


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