LaKisha Barrett

Inclusive teaching
Austin Community College, USA

As an Associate Professor of Biology at Austin Community College, USA, I am dedicated to using evidence-based practices to motivate and prepare future professionals and global citizens through experiential and service learning. I intentionally create inclusive spaces and a community of inquiry to promote success, retention, belonging, and a culture of care. My focus lies on student success, faculty development, course design, gamification, and learning technologies. I have been a fellow in a variety of academies, including those focused on teaching and learning, service learning, culturally responsive teaching, and Global Women and Gender Studies. I am passionate about creating and sharing impactful instructional and community-building methods that facilitate students, staff, and faculty in connecting with their purpose and sense of belonging.

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Developing a Pre-Course Survey
by LaKisha Barrett
To ensure students' success, knowing their names and establishing a connection with them is vital. This can significantly impact their ability to stay engaged and motivated. Conducting pre-course surveys and assessments is an effective way to achieve this goal.