Isis Artze-Vega

Equity-Minded Teaching
Valencia College, USA

Isis Artze-Vega, Ed.D. serves as College Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Valencia College in Central Florida, USA. Valencia College is a Hispanic-serving Institution. Isis provides strategic leadership for the college’s seven campuses as well as the areas of curriculum, assessment, faculty development, distance learning, and partnerships for educational excellence. Prior to joining Valencia, Isis served as assistant vice president for teaching and learning at Florida International University (FIU), leading such efforts as a gateway course project, a hybrid course initiative, and the comprehensive redesign of teaching evaluation. Prior to joining FIU, she taught English composition and enrollment management at the University of Miami. Most importantly, she is the proud wife of visual artist Sinuhe Vega; the proud mami of Kamilah and Delilah; and forever indebted to extraordinary parents, Mayra and Elias. Her work is fueled by a commitment to equity and justice, implemented through love and service.

Develop your teaching with Isis Artze-Vega
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How to Get Started with Equity-Minded Teaching: Interview with Isis Artze-Vega
by Isis Artze-Vega, James M. Lang
In this video James M Lang talks to Isis Artze-Vega about what equity-minded teaching means and how to implement it into your teaching.