Catherine Denial

Pedagogy of Kindness
Knox College, USA

Cate Denial is the Bright Distinguished Professor of American History, Chair of the History department, and Director of the Bright Institute at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, USA. A 2018-2021 Distinguished Lecturer for the Organization of American Historians, Cate is the winner of the American Historical Association’s 2018 Eugene Asher Distinguished Teaching award. 

Cate is the author of several articles on teaching and learning, including ‘A Pedagogy of Kindness,’ in the online journal, Hybrid Pedagogy. She is also at work on a book by the same name, under contract with West Virginia University Press. Her historical research has examined the early nineteenth-century experience of pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing in Upper Midwestern Ojibwe and missionary cultures, research that grew from Cate’s previous book, Making Marriage: Husbands, Wives, and the American State in Dakota and Ojibwe Country (2013).

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Introduction To A Pedagogy Of Kindness
by Catherine Denial

A pedagogy of kindness seeks to re-orientate the educator-student relationship on the basis of trust, creating the conditions to get the best from students.

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Building A Kinder Classroom
by Catherine Denial, Niya Bond
In this video, Dr Catherine Denial from Knox College in Galesburg, USA, talks about the concept of Pedagogy of Kindness and shares some small practical steps that faculty can take to bring kindness to their classroom.
Video discussion
A Pedagogy Of Kindness: Compassion Toward The Self
A Pedagogy of Kindness: Compassion Toward the Self
by Catherine Denial
This page contains the proceedings of the Show and Share webinar led by Catherine Denial. In this webinar, Catherine discussed how a pedagogy of kindness can help educators become more compassionate towards themselves and their students.
Webinar recording