Using Screen Capture to Give Feedback

Michelle Cavaleri

Michelle Cavaleri

n this webinar, we will explore practical strategies for integrating screen-capture video feedback into your teaching toolbox to enhance students’ understanding and engagement.
Feb 21, 2024
21 February 14:10-14:40 PT/15:10-15:40 MT/16:10-16:40 CT /17:10-17:40 ET/22:10-22:40 GMT/ 22 February 9:10-9:40am AEDT
Screen captured feedback

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As educators, we know that feedback is a vital opportunity to provide students with individualised attention and support. However, research shows persistent challenges: students are frequently dissatisfied with feedback, miss its crucial messages, and often fail to engage with it meaningfully.

In this webinar, Michelle Cavaleri will delve into the powerful potential of screen-capture video feedback to enhance students’ understanding of feedback and encourage meaningful engagement with feedback. Participants will be equipped with practical strategies for integrating screen-capture video feedback into their teaching toolbox.

Michelle is the Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching at Education Centre of Australia, and has a background in linguistics, TESOL and academic skills development. Michelle’s PhD research examined the impact of technology-mediated feedback.

If you want to learn more about this topic see Michelle's course on Engaging Students Through Screen-Capture Video Feedback before the webinar and come along to the session to share your learning and ask questions.