Introductory activities

Creative ways to do student introductions on your first week of classes

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Equity Unbound Activity
Discover three creative ways students can introduce themselves at the beginning of the semester.
Mia Zamora, Maha Bali
Equity Unbound Activity
Choose A Plant
This activity encourages students to reflect on themselves and compare how they feel and what they need to that of a plant. Through conversation and discussion, community can be strengthened.
Jen Alexander
Equity Unbound Activity
human scavenger hunt
Create positive engagement and ensure centrality of student voices from the first day of class.
Susan D. Blum
Equity Unbound Activity
The purpose of this activity is to get to know people's name on a more personal level through storytelling.
Patrice Prusko
Equity Unbound Activity
Language Portrait
Reflect on language experiences with your students and share biographical information.
Francesca Helm
Equity Unbound Activity
pass the ball
The purpose of this activity is to engage in a discussion about identity and difference.
Autumm Caines, Patrice Prusko
Equity Unbound Activity
share an object
This is a simple icebreaker activity that encourages students to share something about themselves.
Maha Bali
Something behind you
The purpose of the activity is to help students to get to know each other a little better in an online classroom.
Rebecca J. Hogue
Equity Unbound Activity
Creative take on doing intros that can help students to know one another and challenges perfection paralysis.
Autumm Caines
The Shape of You
This fun icebreaker will help your students to get to know each other.
Sarah Neuwirth
Equity Unbound Activity
tour of where you are
The purpose here is to build community through students sharing where they are studying from.
Patrice Prusko
Using metaphors to express thoughts
This warm-up activity can be used to gain students' reactions about assigned readings.
Sayyed Daifallah
Equity Unbound Activity
what kind of animal
Fun introductory or warm-up activity.
Irene Maweu
Activity, Equity Unbound Activity
ords From Your Names
This icebreaker activity can be used when meeting students for the first time.
Ahmed Shalaby

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