We are a community of educators working together for better teaching

OneHE’s vision is a world in which higher education is delivering improved student outcomes for the benefit of society and the economy through better teaching.

Our mission is to build a global community of educators focused on better teaching to support the sharing and application of innovative and excellent practice.

Our story so far

20 September 2018
18 October 2018
3 January 2019
26 February 2019
7 March 2019
15 May 2019
9 July 2019
31 July 2019
Hello world!
OneHE was formed in 2018 as a “profit with purpose” organisation with a commitment to social impact.
Wanted: Convenors for Global Sunject Centres
We invited individuals who are passionate about learning and teaching to come forward and act as convenors for their subject - an opportunity act as an ambassador for their discipline and to stimulate new discussions and debates with colleagues worldwide.
Introducing our Global Advisory Group
We started the new year by welcoming global leaders in teaching to our advisory group. They continue to shape our strategic direction and help us to understand the needs of educators in different countries.
Our first partnership
We are made stronger by our global connections and in February 2019 we announced our first partnership, with GlobalMindED.
Forging further synergies
We announced our partnership with Academics Without Borders the following month, representing a further milestone for us in building our global footprint.
First Foundation winners announced
We are committed to supporting innovation, being member-led and we have an underlying principle of giving back. We were thrilled to put this into action with our first funding round.
New opportunities for members
Our partnership with Peer Review Portal allows their reviewers to access our Global Subject Centres, while our members have the option to become paid or quid pro quo reviewers for the Peer Review Portal.
A supportive community for academic leaders
The Center for Higher Education Leadership is an exciting and natural partner for OneHE, and we look forward to making further announcements about this collaboration soon.

Global advisory group

We’re grateful for the support of leading influencers in global higher education.

How does the foundation work?

You have the great ideas

Together we fund them

The OneHE Foundation funds great ideas to improve learning and teaching. Three times a year, we release one fifth of all membership fees back into the community for innovation grants. Members can apply for up to £3,000 each round – and the community chooses the winning applications through a vote. 

1. Submit an application

All Global Members can apply for funding through the Foundation

2. Develop your idea

Proposals are shared and the community encouraged to ask questions and give feedback

3. Cast your vote

Members are asked to vote for the proposals they would most like to see receive funding

4. Funding awarded

Voting closes for the current round, winners are announced and the projects are funded

Two simple questions

That’s all we need to know for your project to be considered:

  • How will your project improve learning and teaching?

  • How will other members benefit from your project?

    The Foundation is open to all Global Members

  • First funding round: Successful projects

    Mr Andrew Walsh

    Playful practice in higher education: The Zine

    Project aim: To create a playful set of zines in physical and electronic formats designed to prompt the development of playful practices, and a playful community, within HE.

    I’m really happy to receive the foundation grant, it will allow me to share the power of playful learning with others in the OneHE community in a suitably playful way.

    Dr David Grey

    Defining personal tutoring – an analytic inductive study

    Project aim: Creating a consensus definition of personal tutoring in UK higher education, grounded in the lived experience of tutors

    We’ve found the OneHE network to be a really useful way to reach out to, connect with, and learn from the experiences of colleagues across the sector. We will be reaching out to the OneHE community to participate in this study and we’ll be sharing the results back to the OneHE network and beyond.

    Dr Jess Guth

    Improving students' writing skills

    Project aim: A project to analyse writing skills of first year (law) students and address their weaknesses.

    I am really excited to have been awarded a grant from the OneHE Foundation to carry out a project on law students’ writing skills.

    Dr Julie Hulme

    Facilitating evidence-based innovation: teaching for the future

    Project aim: In a rapidly changing world, graduates need more than knowledge. We will explore the facilitators and barriers to innovative teaching, to enhance the future learning capabilities of graduates.

    The funding and the network provided by OneHE will enable the research to capture diverse views, and to inform evidence-based recommendations for the higher education sector around the world.

    Meet the Team

    Dr Mark Jones

    Co-Founder and Managing Director

    Mark has worked in HE since the mid-nineties in a variety of roles spanning online learning, teaching standards and partnership development. Mark leads on strategy.

    Olivia Fleming

    Co-Founder and Director of Partnerships

    Olivia fifteen years’ experience developing partnerships in HE, working with a variety of organisations across the globe. Olivia leads on partnerships.

    Simon Jones

    Co-Founder and Director of Engagement

    Simon has spent his career in marketing, communications and customer engagement, including working for a global HE charity. Simon leads on engagement.

    Dr Nikki Spalding

    Community Manager

    Nikki has worked in a variety of national roles in learning and teaching development including teaching awards and communities of practice. Nikki leads on community management.

    Our key partners

    “In the new world of higher education impact, collaboration is the key currency. We see the GlobalMindED and OneHE Partnership as one of the best ways to close the global equity gap through high impact collaboration with uncommon collaborators, entrepreneurs, business leaders and educators who work with us to co-create the future of learning and work.”
    Carol Carter
    President and CEO
    "Academics Without Borders provides a vehicle that enables those same educators who are willing to volunteer their expertise and energy to work with their colleagues in other parts of the world to enhance the capacity and quality of their academic programs. The OneHE network will markedly facilitate these connections and we expect that Academics Without Borders will add a welcome avenue for the meaningful expression of the passion for higher education of many OneHE members.”
    Greg Moran
    Executive Director
    Academics Without Borders