Danielle De La Mare

Mindful self-compassion
Career Wellness Coach/Facilitator to Academics

Once a work-addicted, anxious, and overwhelmed professor, Danielle De La Mare became sick and confronting the harsh reality that she had built a life that felt absolutely terrible. Illness taught her a lot. She eventually learned to carve out ample space for family and began building a new career that nourished her.

Today, as a career wellness coach, Danielle helps academics make sound and meaningful career decisions grounded in wellness and self-compassion. Such decisions produce careers of greater creativity, confidence, clarity, and connection to self and others.

Danielle is also the creator of the podcast, Self-Compassionate Professor, where she features guests who have paved creative and self-compassionate career paths after struggle. 

Develop your teaching with Danielle De La Mare
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Self-Compassion Break: Meditations
by Danielle De La Mare
Take a few minutes to give yourself a break and engage in a quick guided meditation.
Reading your body compass Meditation
Reading Your Body Compass: Meditation
by Danielle De La Mare
This meditation helps you tune into your body and inner wisdom for guidance when feeling stuck.
The Meeting Coming Up Meditation
The Meeting Coming Up: Meditation
by Danielle De La Mare
This guided meditation helps you prepare your mind and focus before teaching a class or attending a faculty meeting.
Finding your boundaries meditation
Finding your boundaries: Meditation
by Danielle De La Mare
This meditation helps you establish and honor your personal boundaries for greater well-being and healthier relationships.
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Self-Care Awareness: Navigating Triggers in the Classroom
by Danielle De La Mare
In this video, Danielle De La Mare, a Career Wellness Coach, shares valuable insights for educators on how to identify and manage triggers that can affect their work-life balance and well-being.
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