OneHE and Independent Higher Education Australia (IHEA) are working together to support independent providers to deliver high quality teaching with affordable, on demand educator development.

This partnership with OneHE will continue to grow IHEA members reputation for excellence through ongoing professional development and active engagement with best practice pedagogy from around the world.

Simon Finn


Through this partnership, IHEA member institutions are eligible to join OneHE at a significantly discounted rate. OneHE courses, resources and global community are designed to complement your existing investment in staff training and development with evidence-based approaches that can benefit all your educators.

Simon Finn, CEO at IHEA, and Olivia Fleming, Director of Partnerships at OneHE discuss the partnership and the benefits for IHEA member institutions.

Train all your faculty for less
Expert-led, evidence-informed, courses and resources, with new materials added weekly
Practice-focused, engaging microlearning focused on application in practice

Social learning on a global scale
Partner institutions inform the future direction and development of OneHE
Complement your existing staff training
‘Being Present in Your Online Teaching’
With Flower Darby
Online students, just like on campus students, need educators to be present to guide and facilitate their learning. This course suggests ways in which educators can become intentionally present online.
‘Self and Peer Assessment In/For a Digital World’
With Chie Adachi
In this course you will be introduced to the concept of self and peer assessment practices and learn some practical considerations that you can apply in your context.
‘Supporting Students’ Use of Feedback’
With Naomi Winstone
This course explores the importance of supporting students’ use of feedback and introduces practical activities that enhance students’ feedback literacy.


OneHE helps educators to develop their teaching practice by providing practical and engaging microlearning on effective teaching in a safe and supportive online community. Each piece of microlearning is designed to help educators make small changes in their teaching practice that they can act on straight away and that will have an impact on student success. The online platform also provides access to a global network of experts, enabling educators to connect, collaborate, and share innovative teaching and learning practices. Available on demand, the support available through OneHE is designed to help those that have little or no support with teaching and learning practice and to complement and enhance an institution’s existing professional development opportunities.

OneHE microlearning is practical and engaging, bitesize continuous professional development that can be completed in roughly 20 minutes or less. Each course is developed by an acknowledged expert in their field to provide educators with the essential information and guidance they need to apply a concept or practice immediately, to improve student outcomes. At least one new course is added each week to the OneHE platform. In addition to courses, we have a bank of resources – guides, activities, infographics – that complement the topics covered which are also added to each week.

Courses are structured in a consistent way to provide familiarity and reduce cognitive load. Each course answers important questions that create the environment for change and the adoption of new practice: what is this practice and how does it help students?; how are educators helped by adopting this practice?; how can the practice be applied?; what is the evidence base for this practice? Each step in a course encourages educators to reflect and share their experience of applying the lessons in their context so we learn from each other.

A list of current courses can be found here. At least one new course is added weekly so there is always something new to engage with. In addition, we provide a suite of freely available, open educational resources as part of our commitment to giving back.

Each course or resource is developed with an acknowledged expert in their field. This is then checked by our team who will connect with other experts where content requires further review. Increasingly, we are finding that experts like to work together, to inform each other’s microlearning and to create connections between practices that enrich the experience for educators.


We are always delighted to hear from experts who want to share their passion and expertise with other educators. Click here to register your interest. From there, you can arrange a follow up call to discuss your idea or area of interest, after which we will assess how and when we can work with you. We have a course development roadmap to ensure we address the key strategic needs of educators across the globe. We are keen to hear your ideas on creating content to share your expertise and knowledge.

We will be adding digital badges to all courses over the next few months. Badges will signify completion of courses, with different grades of badges for educators who have provided evidence of application of the practice in their context.

OneHE is a safe and supportive online community that has many features to facilitate social learning. In addition to the learning management system that delivers courses, we have a directory of related resources, a teaching and learning glossary which explains common terms and signposts to the latest related research, a community group that keeps all members informed of developments in teaching and learning and on the platform, public and private community groups that facilitate discussion and sharing of practice, and a searchable directory of members. New features are added all the time.

OneHE was established to provide flexible, affordable educator development at scale. Our membership fee makes all our courses and resources available to all faculty for one year at a price that all institutions can afford. Rather than rationing access to professional development, our model is to make OneHE as widely available as possible within an institution so that all faculty benefit and to complement and enhance the targeted work of Centres of Teaching and Learning.

OneHE is available as an annual membership that provides access to all content for all your educators. The fee is calculated on the number of educators at your institution, with fee bands that ensure the smallest organisations can take advantage of OneHE. As a global organisation committed to equity, we offer discounts to organisations in low-and medium-income countries.

The OneHE membership fee entitles all faculty at your institution to have access to all OneHE courses, resources, and public community groups for a one-year period. Institutions can choose to have their own private community space and curated microlearning directory for an additional fee.

Once an institution has become a member of OneHE, educator members can sign up with their institutional email address. Institutions can arrange a bespoke single sign on for an additional fee.

Yes, shortly. An individual membership is available for AU$18 per month or AU$175 per annum. The institutional membership fee is significantly cheaper than if faculty members were to join as individuals. The individual membership offer will open later this summer.

Independent Higher Education Australia (IHEA) and OneHE have partnered to make on demand professional development accessible to IHEA members. The partnership will enable IHEA members to complement existing staff development activities with equitable access to professional development for enhancing teaching and learning and a global community of experts and educators. IHEA member organisations will receive a discount on the OneHE membership fee. On a regular basis, OneHE and IHEA will seek input from members on content development to meet their needs.

IHEA member organisations receive a 15% discount on the OneHE list price.

OneHE is inviting 10 institutional members to an exclusive ‘early adopter group.’ Through bi-annual check ins and an annual Educator Development Forum, early adopters will form a community that has a voice in OneHE’s content and platform development, helping to ensure that OneHE’s content meets the needs of educators now and in the future.

As a thank you for their participation, ‘Early Adopter Group’ members receive an additional 5% discount on top of the IHEA member discount of 15% off OneHE list prices.