Tom Burns 

Study skills
London Metropolitan University, UK

Tom Burns is a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Professional and Educational Development at London Metropolitan University, UK. His passion is developing innovations with a special focus on praxes that ignite student curiosity and help develop their power and voice. Always interested in theatre and the arts, and their role in teaching and learning, Tom has set up adventure playgrounds, community events and festivals for his local community, and feeds arts-based practice into his learning, teaching, and assessment practices. He is co-author of Teaching, Learning and Study Skills: A Guide for Tutors and Essential Study Skills: The Complete Guide to Success at University (5th Edition). 

Abegglen, S., Burns, T. & Sinfield, S., (2021). Supporting student writing and other modes of learning and assessment: A staff guide. PRISM. 

Burns, T. & Sinfield, S. (2022, 5th ed.). Essential study skills: The complete guide to success at university. Sage. 

Develop your teaching with Tom Burns 
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Developing Student Writing: Write to Learn
by Sandra Abegglen, Tom Burns , Sandra Sinfield

This course has been developed to embrace the notion that we write to learn. You will discover a variety of writing and prewriting activities, all of which have been designed to promote students’ understanding of ‘the point’ of writing and assessment to embed in your teaching.