Stephanie Spong

University of New Mexico, USA

Dr Stephanie Spong is the Director of Teaching Support and Digital Learning at the Center for Teaching and Learning and affiliated faculty with the department of Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences at the University of New Mexico, USA. She earned her PhD in Language and Literature, with a focus on poetry, from the University of New Mexico where she was also a Bilinski Fellow. She has taught college-level student experience courses as well as classes in literature and writing and has worked in educational development in both university and community college settings since 2016. Her co-authored book, Teaching Matters: A Guide for Graduate Students, was published in 2022 by West Virginia University Press. She also has publications in Kairos, Computers and Composition, and Journal of Computing in Higher Education, among others, and was a contributor to Quality Matters’ “Bridge to Design Guide” with respect to culturally responsive course design strategies. 

Develop your teaching with Stephanie Spong
Graduate Student Teachers_ Starting Strong
Graduate Student Teachers: Starting Strong
by Aeron Haynie, Stephanie Spong

This course will help you identify the unique challenges of being a graduate student instructor, and to prepare effectively to be successful educators.

Teaching Matters Interview with Aeron and Stephanie
'Teaching Matters': An Interview with Aeron Haynie and Stephanie Spong
by Aeron Haynie, Stephanie Spong, James M. Lang
In this video interview, James M. Lang catches up with Aeron Haynie and Stephanie Spong, authors of ‘Teaching Matters: A Guide for Graduate Students’ and invites them to share some of the backstory for the book and talk about their writing practices. Read an excerpt from the book and join the conversation.