Lisa Clughen

Mindful Movement
Nottingham Trent University, UK

Lisa Clughen is Senior Lecturer in Spanish in the Nottingham Institute of Languages and Intercultural Communication at Nottingham Trent University, UK. She has been an academic in Higher Education (HE) for 30 years and is a multi-award winner for her contributions to learning and teaching in HE. Lisa also established and ran the School of Arts and Humanities’ Academic Support Service for many years and has expertise in writing development and academic support. Explorations of embodiment have framed her academic research and practice and she has written and spoken about it in various contexts throughout her career (e.g., embodiment in writing and writing support; in learning and teaching; in creative practices and in literature). She is fascinated by the potential offered by our bodies for learning and as a supportive resource for life in general. She has trained as an embodiment and mindful movement coach to develop practical approaches to embodiment.

Clughen, L. (2022, August 16). Embodiment in the Post-Pandemic University: The Benefits of Mindful Movement for Learning (A Tribute to Bell Hooks). The Post-Pandemic University.