Lark Hovey

Experiential Education
Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture, Rwanda

Lark Hovey is the Communications Thread and Curriculum Coordinator at Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA), Rwanda. Lark holds a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Spanish from the Ohio State University, USA, and a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Linguistics from Ball State University, USA. Her prior experience includes serving as a lecturer and curriculum consultant in higher education. At RICA, she is responsible for teaching communication courses, as well as monitoring and advising the implementation of RICA’s global outcomes for the Communications Thread across the curriculum. As Curriculum Coordinator, she monitors course development, teaching, and continuity in the curriculum. Lark is a graduate (May 2019) of the Experiential Education Academy run by the National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE).