Karen Harbo

Educational Consultancy
Royal Danish Library, Denmark

Karen Harbo is Special Consultant at the Royal Danish Library, Denmark, and over a large part of her career has concentrated on supporting the academic information competencies of students in higher education. She has led several national, cross-institutional projects focusing on the development of libraries’ online teaching processes, supporting libraries to design e-based learning, pedagogically and technologically, and involving students and lecturers in this process. Some of the projects include learning, information literacy and library services (2014-17), Students as co-creators of library ‘learning products (2017-2018) and Students’ academic digital competencies in Higher Education (STAK) (2019-2020). She has also led the Nordic project, which positions the digital university library as a scientific resource and pedagogic actor in Nordic university education; a collaborative project between Lund University Library, the University Library in Bergen and Det Kgl. Bibliotek, AU Library (2016-2018). Karen also coordinates the collaboration between Nordic educational libraries around the teaching platform LearningLib.dk (2020 – present), from 2022 redesigned and relanced under new domain name learninglib.org.