Hoda Mostafa

American University in Cairo, Egypt

Hoda Mostafa, MD is the Director of the Center for Learning and Teaching & Professor of Practice at the Center for Learning and Teaching, American University in Cairo (AUC). Hoda joined AUC in 2007 and continues to develop her interest in, and commitment to, faculty development, creative thinking and design thinking. She is also a design thinking coach and is co-leading a design thinking initiative at AUC.

She is a passionate advocate of lifelong learning and has a background in medicine. After switching careers to learn more about educational development, creativity studies and design thinking she ultimately redirected her professional impact to the higher education space as a faculty developer and teacher, engaging in both design thinking and scientific thinking course design and delivery at AUC as part of the Core Curriculum.

She is actively engaged in providing opportunities for learning and educational development at AUC and beyond, working with the team at CLT to design professional development workshops and events for faculty and teaching assistants in a wide variety of contexts and a broad spectrum of topics. She works closely with faculty and programs on course design and formative assessment of teaching and learning. She also collaborates with faculty across AUC, supporting innovation in teaching and learning technologies, online learning as well as integration of creative and critical thinking into the curriculum.

She led the co-development of the course Creative Thinking and Problem Solving at the freshman level and coaches and facilitates Design Thinking bootcamps and workshops.

Develop your teaching with Hoda Mostafa
Activity feature image
Gratitude Journal
by Maha Bali, Nadine Aboulmagd, Hoda Mostafa, Azza Awwad
Support students' wellbeing by suggesting a daily or periodic practice of gratitude, promote radical self-compassion.
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PowerPoint Karaoke
by Maha Bali, Jasmina Najjar, Hoda Mostafa
Engage students in improv presenting, and enhance oral presentation skills in a light and humorous way.