Dawn Lee DiPeri

Inclusive Learning Design
Harvard University, USA

Dr. Dawn Lee DiPeri is a Learning Designer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has taught online, face-to-face, and hybrid for a number of higher education institutions in the area of graphic design, new media, and interpersonal communications. Dawn is also a co-owner of a certified minority women-owned business enterprise that provides graphic and instructional design, as well as ed-tech consulting. She speaks, writes, researches and consults for numerous national organisations in the USA.

Dawn has a Doctorate of Management in Higher Education, Teaching and Learning. Her research interest centres around online pedagogy and creating inclusive cultures in education and the workforce. Below is a shortlist of publications Dawn has worked on: 

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Creating Inclusive Cultures for Women in Automation and Information Technology Careers and Occupations. 

Exploring the Strategies Needed to Successfully Migrate Ground Campus Instruction to Fully Online Higher Education Courses.

The Value of Using Micro-Teaching for K-12 New Teacher Leadership Development in a Pandemic Response.

Addressing Workplace Sexual Harassment in a Government Contracting Company Through Organizational Consulting.

Exploring How Curriculum Can Strengthen the Oral Communication Skills of Undergraduate Online Students.


How to Develop Writing Skills in Students and Help Them Be Original.

How to spot a struggling student online and what to do about it. 

How to offer the full ‘college experience’ online.

Dawn Lee DiPeri

Dawn Lee DiPeri