Dawn Lee DiPeri

Inclusive Learning Design
East End Advertising, Graphic & Instructional Design, USA

Dawn Lee DiPeri is a Learning Designer and Graphic Designer at East End Advertising, Graphic & Instructional Design, Inc. She currently works in a global education role for the Learning Passport which is a UNICEF + Microsoft initiative that brings continuity of instruction to children and adults that have been displaced by war, violence, and climate disasters. She finished contracting with Harvard Graduate School of Education as a Learning Designer working for both the AERID lab and the Teaching and Learning Lab in November 2021. She is an internationally recognised expert on online pedagogy and inclusive classrooms.

She holds a Doctorate in Management, Higher Education, Teaching and Learning and a Master of Fine Arts in Advertising and a Bachelor of Technology in Visual Communications. Dawn also holds a CITI certification for human subject research, a Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification, and an E-Learning Launch certificate for Articulate Storyline.

Dawn is a contributor to the widely recognised Cahoots Ed Tech Strategy course, has presented on UDL and DEI for the E-Learning Summit, and has worked with Thomas J. Tobin to develop the OneHE Learning Path on Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Dawn has conducted research on the subjects of online learning, gender and race disparity in the workforce and recently completed her first book:

Graphic Design for the Instructional Designer. And for anyone who cares about creating both visually stunning and digitally accessible courses (2022). 

About the book: 

“This book was written to help educators and instructional designers to design visually appealing courses (and curricular materials) that are also digitally accessible. I argue that applying graphic design principles reduces barriers, lowers cognitive load, and improves learning. I created the Graphic Design E-Learning Checklist to help instructional designers improve the look and feel of their courses while designing for inclusivity at the forefront.”

Peer Reviewed Publications

Creating Inclusive Cultures for Women in Automation and Information Technology Careers and Occupations.

Exploring the Strategies Needed to Successfully Migrate Ground Campus Instruction to Fully Online Higher Education Courses.

The Value of Using Micro-Teaching for K-12 New Teacher Leadership Development in a Pandemic Response.

Addressing Workplace Sexual Harassment in a Government Contracting Company Through Organizational Consulting.

Exploring How Curriculum Can Strengthen the Oral Communication Skills of Undergraduate Online Students.


How to Develop Writing Skills in Students and Help Them Be Original.

How to spot a struggling student online and what to do about it. 

How to offer the full ‘college experience’ online.

Develop your teaching with Dawn Lee DiPeri
Contrast for course creators
Making The Best Use Of Contrast In Course Materials
by Dawn Lee DiPeri

This course will help you to apply contrast theory in the creation of your curricular materials by working hands-on with both software and learning management systems to improve learning for your students.