Anthony Manning

University of Kent, UK

Dr Anthony Manning is Dean for Global and Lifelong Learning at the University of Kent, UK. Through his role at Kent, Anthony is responsible for the development, implementation and review of international programmes, internationalised student experience and work-based learning, including degree apprenticeships. Anthony is a Principal Fellow of AdvanceHE and a National Teaching Fellow. Anthony’s academic background and publications are in the fields of Pathways to Higher Education, Internationalisation of the Curriculum, Academic Skills, and English for Academic Purposes. Anthony has lived in five countries while undertaking his former positions in Higher and Secondary Education and led educational development and promotional visits to more than 50 countries. He has also worked as an External Examiner for over ten institutions in the UK and overseas and is a trustee and Chair of the British Accreditation Council’s Accreditation Committee.

Develop your teaching with Anthony Manning
Anthony Manning Internationalising the Curriculum
An Introduction To Internationalising The Curriculum
by Anthony Manning

This course provides an overview of how to adapt your curriculum so that your students benefit from global or international features, considerations, and dimensions, irrespective of their ability to travel internationally.