Ongoing engagement

What we don't know about each other

This activity can be used for ongoing engagement mid-semester helping students to get to know each other better.

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What we don’t know about each other
Educator prep: Minimal
Student prep: None
Video conferencing, Shared online space
Duration: Variable

Activity purpose

This activity is great for helping students to get to know each other and keeping the class atmosphere fun and engaging.

Useful for

It can be used as a warm-up before class, it helps to bring students closer to each other and to their teacher.


Creating a space for the participants to take notes such as Padlet.


  1. Invite each participant to write at least one fact or statement about her/himself that their fellow students don’t know.
  2. Ask the group to figure out who that statement belongs to.
  3. Ask the student who wrote this fact to declare themselves and explain it.
  4. Other participants can ask questions.
  5. For a longer activity, you can ask the participants to add more facts and discuss them.


20-25 minutes depending on the number of students in the group.

Adaptations and examples

  1. The participants can share simpler facts if it’s a bigger class and there’s no time such as their favorite food, animal, or plant
  2. It can be done online, or offline.

Technical requirements

  • Access to Zoom.
  • Shared google slide or Padlet.

Useful resources

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