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Estimate workload

Useful tools for estimating workloads and adjusting your plans accordingly.
Estimate workload
Educator prep: None
Student prep: None
Synchronous or Asynchronous
No tech needed
Duration: 5-30 mins

Activity purpose

Help faculty and students estimate workload.

Useful for

Faculty can use it to estimate the workload for their students as they design their courses, and how they might adjust their plans accordingly.

Students can use it to look at their workload in different courses and see what takes more of their time, etc.


Look at a syllabus and list of activities.


Go through the categories in this workload estimator and see if this is what you were aiming for, for the week or semester and decide if you need to make adjustments.


It could take 5 minutes or longer, depending how much you decide to adjust.

Technical requirements

Web browser.

Useful resources

WFU Workload estimator

Rice University workload estimator:

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