Let’s work together for better teaching in HE

We want our partnerships to achieve something, which is why we think of our partnerships in terms of increasing the social impact of educators.
We start by working with organisations that share our outlook to spark debate on shared agendas, promote each other and seek other ways to enhance our respective missions.
We enable partners to help others by providing space on OneHE to support their community and create joint networks to address shared issues.
We work together on specific projects directed towards social good, drawing on the unique skillsets of our respective communities.

Our approach to partnership

If you share our values and goals, we want to hear from you. Find out more about our partners and our approach to collaboration.

If you share our values and goals, we want to hear from you

We reserve the title ‘partner’ for organisations that share our values and ethos and our commitment to giving back. As our partnerships mature and evolve, we work with partners on jointly-delivered projects aimed at increasing social good.

Values partners

At a minimum, the partnership involves a mutual recognition of each other’s missions and a desire to support each other’s success.

Research partners

An organisation where the primary focus is on generating research outputs by capitalising on the knowledge and experience of our respective communities.

Organisational partners

An organisation that supports its educators by providing them with access to OneHE.

Networks partners

A network that supports its community through a private group on the OneHE platform.

Working together is our ethos

If you share our values and goals, we want to hear from you. Get in touch for a demo of how private group spaces work, or to find out more about our approach to collaboration and partnership.

Our key partners

we are proud to work with...

What about institutional membership?

OneHE supports institutions / organisations who wish to give access to their educators to a global community and its benefits by providing a service to purchase memberships in bulk. Please contact us for further details.