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Introduction to the VALUE Rubrics: An Authentic Approach to Assessment
with Jessica Chittum, Kate D. McConnell

Learn how the American Association of Colleges and Universities’s (AAC&U) VALUE rubrics can help you evaluate students’ performance reliably and verifiably across 16 cross-cutting learning outcomes that underpin liberal education.

An Introduction To The Concept Of Privilege
with Abby L. Ferber

This course explores the concept of privilege and how it impacts on educational experiences so we can build more inclusive classrooms.

The Role of Structure in Inclusive Teaching 
with Viji Sathy, Kelly Hogan

Who is left behind by the decisions you make in teaching? Bring more equity to your course using structured course design and facilitation.

Applying the Science of Motivation to Teaching
with Sarah Rose Cavanagh

Faculty could greatly benefit from a primer on aspects of motivation science relevant to the classroom, including self-determination theory, achievement motivation, and goal setting.

An Introduction to Experiential Education
with Patrick M. Green, Cynthia P. Stewart, Lark Hovey

Experiential education is learning through an experience and reflection on that experience. This introduction explains the function, value and characteristics of experiential education and offers some ideas for how to apply this approach in your context.

Designing HyFlex Courses
with Brian Beatty

HyFlex (hybrid-flexible) courses are multi-modal courses which offer students the choice of online or classroom-based learning. This course explains the design principles and suggests ways to get started.

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University of Central Oklahoma, USA
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Grand Valley State University, USA
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Valencia College, USA
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University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, Australia
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Aims Community College, USA
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Austin Community College, USA
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University of Missouri – St. Louis, USA
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Griffith University, Australia
100 Faculty, LLC
Career Wellness Coach/Facilitator to Academics
Winston-Salem State University, USA
Brigham Young University – Idaho, USA
Appalachian State University, USA
Nottingham Trent University, UK
Oakland University, USA
Freelance consultant, UK
Carleton University – Ottawa, Canada
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University of New Mexico, USA
Michigan State University, USA
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Ohio State University, USA
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London Metropolitan University, UK
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University of Calgary, Canada
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Salem State University, USA
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Education Centre of Australia
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Community College of Allegheny County, USA
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De Montfort University, UK
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Shenandoah University, USA
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Simmons University, USA
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Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Online, Australia
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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s College of Arts and Sciences, USA
Martha A Diede
Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, USA
Tricia Bertram Gallant
The University of California, San Diego, USA
Rebecca Taub
Emeritus, USA
Jenae Cohn
University of California, Berkeley, USA
Abby Ferber photo_cropped3
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, USA
Lark photo_cropped
Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture, Rwanda
Patrick M. Green_photo_cropped
Loyola University Chicago, USA
Cynthia P. Stewart_photo_cropped
Loyola University Chicago, USA
Kris Headshot_photo_cropped
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
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University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada
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Independent Leadership and Education Coach, USA
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Butler University in Indianapolis, USA
Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary
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State University of New York, Plattsburgh, USA
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Kansas State University, USA
Knox College, USA
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Teesside University, UK
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Higher education consultant, USA
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Springfield College, USA
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Professional Development for UPCEA, USA
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San Francisco State University, USA
American Psychological Association, USA
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University of Missouri, USA
Arizona State University, USA
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University of Kent, UK
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Northern Arizona University, USA
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Sheffield Hallam University, UK
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University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
University of Toronto, Canada
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East End Advertising, Graphic & Instructional Design, USA
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Ravensbourne University, UK
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California Community Colleges, USA
jim lang
Author, USA
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Glossop Improv, UK
Chair of Higher Education, Navitas, Australia
Faculty, author and speaker, USA
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Imperial College London, UK
Chie Adachi_photo
Queen Mary University of London, UK
GlobalMindED and LIfeBound, USA
Rutgers University, USA
Richard Bale
Imperial College London, UK
University of Surrey, UK
Queen Mary University of London, UK
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University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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University of Leeds, UK
Nottingham Trent University, UK
Robert Gordon University, UK
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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), USA

What makes OneHE effective?

We work continuously to understand the context within which faculty work

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Working with OneHE is my happy space… and faculty are working so hard but we can come to OneHE and it’s always an upbeat, positive place to engage.

Megan Eberhardt-Alstot

California State University Channel Islands

What members think of OneHE

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OneHE values CITLs as hubs to reach faculty, to work in partnership with them. We’e created local spaces so we can foster local collaborations and local conversations. Their conversations have been really remarkable!
Tim Henkel
Assistant Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning and Director CITL
University of South Florida
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Many [faculty] have reported using the trainings and activities in their classes and have thanked us for the opportunity to be in the platform.
Stephanie Ahlfeldt
Associate Provost
Concordia College
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What our faculty have said about OneHE, and what I appreciate too, is they can go in for a very short amount of time and engage for a few minutes… and they can leave with something they can take back.
Megan Eberhardt-Alstot
Learning Design Lead
California State University Channel Islands
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I describe [OneHE] as on demand professional development 2.0. There are other things that are available in the market but OneHE is really next generation in that the videos are so current [and] they allow for that interaction which is unique. So faculty as they move through the mini course are not only interacting with each other, but they’re actually interacting with the presenters and the experts in the field who will respond to their posts. I find that a really unique option within OneHE.
Mary Johannesen-Schmidt
Coordinator, Center for Teaching Innovation
Oakton College
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It doesn’t matter if you are new to teaching or a seasoned professional, you can find a course or activity that will interest you and keep you engaged.
Malcolm Hays
Instructional Designer
Missouri University of Science and Technology
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It provides both the research to support the practical changes you’re about to make, as well as practical tips, which I find to be the most useful.
Kemesha Gabbidon
Assistant Professor of Psychology
University of South Florida
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One of the things that I like is that with OneHE there are various categories of courses and activities that are available anytime, anywhere, whether it’s on your phone, whether it’s on your laptop.
Cynthia P. Stewart
Director of Experiential Learning
Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health
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The feedback part of [OneHE] has been useful to me… I’ve gotten a number of interesting pedagogical suggestions over the time period and I’ve been able to implement those.
Carl Gabrini
Professor of Accounting
Dalton State College
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OneHE is easy to navigate and rich with content. If I’m looking for an activity or a specific theme or content, all I need to do is search for it and it’s there. I’m so fortunate my institution has access to this and I wish every educator in the world had access to content this valuable and informative.
Alex Carlson-Tooker
Faculty Teaching and Learning Center Program Coordinator
Aims Community College

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