Enhancing your network with OneHE

As a network manager, you can create your own private or public community on OneHE where you have complete control over content, membership and features.

Manage your membership

Invite members to join or upload existing member details * Provide a private directory of your members with rich individual profiles * Accept/decline requests from OneHE members to join * Fully GDPR compliant

Improve communications

Send and receive private communications to your members * Allow your members to determine the communications and updates they receive, e.g. notifications, weekly digest emails, etc. * Run email campaigns for particular initiatives within your network

Promote discussion

Run online forums and discussion threads for your members * Promote particular discussions on the basis of popularity and engagement * Use forums to enable members to help each other

Run surveys

Create and run polls, votes and surveys with your members * Analyse member responses * Export data to third-party systems for further analysis

Promote and manage events

Promote events exclusively for your network * Manage all aspects of event administration, including ticketing, payments, registration and ongoing communications * Provide pre- and post-event spaces for discussion through groups and forums

Increase member engagement

Use activity tools and engagement scoring to understand how your members are interacting * Recognise members for their contributions to your community

App support

Improve support for your network by providing app access to your private community through the OneHE app * Access available via phone and tablet * Enable notifications to improve communications

Connect your network to others worldwide

Connect your network to other like-minded networks * Enable members to upgrade to access the OneHE directory * Create groups for collaborative projects with partners

Request a demonstration

If you are interested in supporting your network through OneHE, please email support@onehe.org to arrange a call and demonstration.