OneHE is currently in BETA and available only to networks

If you are an educator with a passion for learning and teaching in higher education, we’d love you to become part of our global professional community. Leave your email details to receive further updates.

OneHE for individual educators

Connect, collaborate, inspire and excel in the first global network exclusively for educators


Members get access to all the essential features of OneHE to connect, collaborate and share:

Promote your skills, knowledge and experience
Find new colleagues in the the global directory
Join discussion groups and forums
Search for events relevant to your subject, region and interests
Take part in collaborative projects
Apply for funding up to £1,000

Premium Member

As a Premium Member, you get all the benefits of Members and can deepen your engagement with the community:

Take a greater part in shaping and leading the community
Create and run private groups and forums
Promote your own events
Manage event ticketing and bookings
Raise awareness of your projects and seek collaborators
Apply for funding up to £5,000

Consultant Member

Consultant Members have the benefits of Members and Premium Members and can additional promote their services in the OneHE marketplace:

Promote your services as an educational consultant
Create your business profile page and promote in the OneHE marketplace
Add testimonials and reviews
Develop and share your portfolio
Provide secure project workspace to your clients with no ongoing cost
OneHE Member
OneHE Premium Member
OneHE Consultant Member

OneHE for networks

Develop your community and improve engagement with your members with OneHE

Network Access

Free space for networks to develop your communities of practice

Run a private community of practice for your members
Improve communications across your network
Run private forums and discussion threads
Run surveys and polls
Promote and manage your events
Connect your network to others worldwide
Your colleagues become OneHE members at any time

OneHE for institutions

Create an online community for your institution or faculty simply

Institutions and Faculty

Run private groups and forums for your institution or department
Manage your membership
Promote and manage events
Create a private directory
Promote opportunities and collaborations
Provide your staff with OneHE Member access for reduced cost