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mind mapping

Mind mapping is an active learning technique devised by Tony Buzan. According to Buzan, it is a two-dimensional note-taking technique with which a mind map is made using all the relevant knowledge about a specific subject. By mapping out key words or word pictures (i.e. words that summarize a certain aspect concisely and that serve as a basis for further association) using imagery, drawings and colour we use our full brain power.

The central idea is represented as a picture/ shape in the centre of a sheet of paper (mind map). From this picture/ shape in the centre several main branches are drawn that relate to the central idea. These branches are labelled with keywords and they can be expanded by using new associations that are supported by pictures and colours if necessary. This framework automatically creates a clear overview and structure of the subject. The central idea is put in the centre of the page with the key themes radiating from it.

mind map

What's your top 'mind mapping' resource?