May 2019

Playful practice in higher education: The Zine

Project aim: To create a playful set of zines in physical and electronic formats designed to prompt the development of playful practices, and a playful community, within HE.

I’m really happy to receive the foundation grant, it will allow me to share the power of playful learning with others in the OneHE community in a suitably playful way.

Mr Andrew Walsh
Dr David Grey

May 2019

Defining personal tutoring – an analytic inductive study

Project aim: Creating a consensus definition of personal tutoring in UK higher education, grounded in the lived experience of tutors

We’ve found the OneHE network to be a really useful way to reach out to, connect with, and learn from the experiences of colleagues across the sector. We will be reaching out to the OneHE community to participate in this study and we’ll be sharing the results back to the OneHE network and beyond.

May 2019

Improving students' writing skills

Project aim: A project to analyse writing skills of first year (law) students and address their weaknesses.

I am really excited to have been awarded a grant from the OneHE Foundation to carry out a project on law students’ writing skills.

Dr Jess Guth
Dr Julie Hulme

May 2019

Facilitating evidence-based innovation: teaching for the future

Project aim: In a rapidly changing world, graduates need more than knowledge. We will explore the facilitators and barriers to innovative teaching, to enhance the future learning capabilities of graduates.

The funding and the network provided by OneHE will enable the research to capture diverse views, and to inform evidence-based recommendations for the higher education sector around the world.