How to Build Professional and Empathetic Relationships with Students

Students are dealing with a lot of challenges; this session will focus on how we can support and build effective relationships with them.
Apr 19, 2023
19th April 2023 at 13:10-13:40 (PT), 14:10-14:40 (MT), 15:10-15:40 (CT), 16:10-16:40 (ET), 21:10-20:40 (BST) /20 April 2023 at 06:10-06:40 (AEST).

Event Details

Taking an empathetic approach to students and understanding some of the challenges that they might be facing is an important step in building relationships with students. This session will focus on understanding what some of these challenges might be and will include some insights and strategies that can be used. It will be an interactive session led by Chris Hope and you will be encouraged to share tips and ideas.

Chris Hope is a lecturer at RMIT University and a research student at the University of Cambridge. He is the Founder of a non-profit that works in the mental health space and has a focus through his teaching on building communities in his class.