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Community building activities

Equity Unbound has teamed up with OneHE to develop some open educational resources for online community-building

Why is building a sense of community important?

Watch the welcome video below to find out why Equity Unbound are creating and curating free community building activities for educators.

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How to use these resources

Each of these resources includes a video either demonstrating or describing the activity or exercise for community-building. We also include descriptive text, slides you can reuse/adapt where relevant, and links to additional resources. We also show you how much time, what kind of resources you need, and different variations on the activity to help you adapt it for your purposes.

Important: Any technique can block some people out, make them feel unwelcomed, or be used in a way that privileges some and makes it harder on others. All of these techniques should be used in conjunction with pedagogies of care and what we call Intentionally Equitable Hospitality

As you watch/read any of these, please let us know:

  1. If you find that the activity is not hospitable to a certain group.
  2. If you try an adaptation of this activity, or try it as is and have interesting results to share, please contribute your adaptation/reflection.
  3. If you have an activity or resource that you want to contribute.

Coming soon

We will be frequently adding more activities and resources – sign up to the mailing list or follow Equity Unbound / OneHE on Twitter for updates. We are also creating an online community space to make it easier for you to share ideas, experiences and questions.

Equity Unbound Activity
Four Ideas for Checking In
Particularly important during a pandemic, but this is a good way to start any class.
Equity Unbound Activity
Daily Creates
Provides a space for regular practice of spontaneous creativity through “mini” challenges published every day.
Equity Unbound Activity
Critical Uncertainties
Engage everyone in making sense of profound challenges. Use to address difficult or confusing topics.
Conversation Cafe
Engage everyone in making sense of profound challenges. Use to address difficult or confusing topics.
Collaborative Storytelling
Promote a sense of community and break the ice in class with collaborative storytelling activities.
Collaborative Literature Review Matrix
Create a discourse community whilst also sharpening close reading, research, summarising, paraphrasing, and citation skills.
Authentic Open Letter/Video Addressing Students
Setting a human-centred tone to your class from the beginning of the semester.
Asynchronous & Synchronous Introductions
For students to share multiple dimensions of themselves, synchronously or asynchronously.
9 Whys of Liberating Structures
Rapidly clarify for individuals and a group what is essentially important in their work.
Spiral Journal
Promote focus and reflection while allowing individuals to compose responses thoughtfully and calmly in writing.
Annotate the Syllabus
Annotating the syllabus helps learners to read, make sense of, question, and discuss their learning.

Biographies of curators of activities

Autumm Caines

Mia Zamora

Kean University, United States

Patrice Prusko

Irene Maweu

Kate Bowles

University of Wollongong, Australia

Susan D. Blum

Mays Imad

Pima Community College, United States

Sherri Spelic

American International School Vienna, Austria

Jasmina Najjar

American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Nadine Aboulmagd

America University in Cairo, Egypt

Sarah-Jane Crowson

Hereford College of Arts, UK

Alex Fink

Sarita Shukla

University of Washington-Bothell, United States

Maha Bali

American University in Cairo, Egypt

Michael Weinraub

Bureau of Resilience and Food Security of USAID, United States

Remi Kalir

University of Colorado Denver, United States

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