Want to brush up your academic leadership?

New online course from CHEL for OneHE members

By now you will know that the OneHE community is passionate about creating more and better opportunities for educators to develop #betterteaching – but we’re not the only ones. Every week, the community welcomes new individuals and organisations committed to this goal, and each of them brings with them new ways to help educators develop their practice.

The Center for Higher Education Leadership is one such exemplar. Formed earlier this year by Terri Givens, a former Provost of universities in Texas and California, the Center exists to help academic leaders improve their management and leadership skills in this period of unprecedented change.

With a suite of resources and good practice guides behind them, CHEL is now moving into online courses and Terri has kindly offered their inaugural course to members of OneHE for free. The six week course targets new academic leaders and helps them to understand the context in which they will be operating. The aim is to get people interacting and talking about the issues they’re facing.

You can find out more about the course and it’s design by listening to this CHEL podcast and you can register for the course by emailing info@higheredleads.com and confirming that you are a member of OneHE.

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