You have the great ideas. Together we fund them

Do you have a great idea to improve teaching that you would to see become a reality?

The OneHE community is committed to giving back in all that we do, whether that’s in answering each other’s questions, sharing resources or providing inspiration and encouragement. Even more tangible support comes in the form of grant funding provided by and for members.

The OneHE Foundation helps great ideas to improve teaching become a reality. There are three funding rounds each year during which you can submit a proposal.

The application is simple – just answer two questions. What is your idea to improve teaching in higher education? And how will other members benefit from your project?

Once you’ve submitted your idea, it’s over to the community to ask any questions and make any suggestions before you make your final submission. In this way, submissions benefit from the contributions of other members.

Then its over to the community to vote for their favourite proposal. And if you’re successful, you can share your outputs within OneHE and to educators more widely.

The OneHE Foundation is open to anyone who pays a monthly membership fee – it’s a funding scheme run by and for those who support the development of OneHE and the #betterteaching movement.

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All new members receive a 14 day trial period, during which no payments are taken.  

We charge a low membership fee (£3 per month for a Global Member) to keep the OneHE community free from advertising and to generate funding for member-led projects.

Fees are halved in low and medium income countries to encourage participation and create an inclusive global community. Find out whether you are eligible.