OneHE and The Center for Higher Education Leadership announce partnership

OneHE, the global network for educators, and The Center for Higher Education Leadership (CHEL), to partner in support of improved student outcomes.

OneHE, the global network for educators and The Center for Higher Education Leadership, founded in the USA by Terri E. Givens and Shelley Seale, have today announced a partnership to enhance student outcomes by providing a supportive community for academic leaders and educators.

The Center for Higher Education Leadership, a membership organisation, provides academic leaders with resources and a supportive community to improve management and leadership skills.

OneHE is a global network for educators who are passionate about teaching and learning. It enables educators, both individually and within their disciplines, to connect, collaborate and share practice so they feel more confident, better supported and valued. OneHE promotes innovation in teaching and learning through funding and awards.

The new partnership will enable OneHE and The Center for Higher Education Leadership to explore ways of bringing together and supporting their respective communities to improve outcomes for students.

Terri Givens, CEO and Co-Founder of CHEL, said “CHEL is excited to work with OneHE because we share a mission of ensuring that educators and administrators are prepared for the changes that are occurring in higher education. It is an important time to support efforts that are in alignment with the innovation that is needed to support the students of today and tomorrow. With this collaboration we can support the communication and sharing of information that is needed at all levels of higher education to meet the challenges ahead.”

Olivia Fleming, Founder and Director of Partnerships of OneHE, said “OneHE and CHEL recognise the need to ensure that teaching staff and senior leaders in higher education are supported in their respective roles to maximise student success. Too often teaching and administrative staff acquire their skills through their working practice and receive little or no formal training. We all recognise that higher education is changing, and we need to support teaching staff and administrators to be better prepared to conduct their jobs and provide peer support on a daily basis.”

The two organisations will begin promoting collaborations between their memberships over the coming months.

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