OneHE makes its Global Subject Centres free to all educators and issues a call for convenors of 16 additional subject centres

  • OneHE Global Subject Centres to be free for life to all educators in higher education 
  • OneHE issues call for convenors of 16 new Global Subject Centres 
  • Convenors receive free premium membership making them eligible to apply for higher levels of innovation funding for the duration of their oneyear role 

OneHE, the global network for educators, has announced that it is making access to its existing and planned Global Subject Centres free to all higher education learning and teaching staff worldwide. There are currently 14 convened subject centres on the OneHE platform with a further 16 planned with a call for their convenors also being issued today.

Announcing the initiative Dr Mark Jones, Managing Director of OneHE, said “OneHE is an inclusive community, a safe space for connection, collaboration, learning and inspiration. At the centre of the community are our global subject centres which we created to help educators to connect around teaching practice within their disciplines. It has always been our intention to make them free to all educators when the time was right, and that time is now. By opening our doors to all educators, we hope to engage more people in building these vibrant, creative and inspiring communities that foster exchange, debate and innovation within each subject area.”

Educators can join a single Global Subject Centre of their choice for free for life. For those wishing to join a second or more, educators can become a full member of OneHE for just £3 per month, or half that in low-or-medium income countries.

Dr Jones also announced a call for applications for the role of convenor of 16 new Global Subject Centres: Languages and Linguistics; Literature; Philosophy; Anthropology; Archaeology; Economics; Geography; Political science; Sociology; Earth sciences; Environmental sciences; Health sciences and Practice; Mathematics; Statistics; Space science and Veterinary sciences.

Educators have until midnight Wednesday 5 June to apply via the convenor application form. Successful applicants will be informed no later than Friday 28 June 2019. Successful applicants will act as a convenor of their subject centre for a one-year term. In return, they receive free premium level membership to OneHE for the duration of their term entitling them to apply for enhanced levels of funding through the OneHE Foundation.

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